Who We Are

We’re Thacker Broadcasting! A small, home-grown media production and management company based out of rural Utah! We specialize in media traditionally known as “mood music”, “in-business”, or “pop radio”. And while we do like a good new song, they tend to get overplayed very quickly and very easily. This is where we deviate. While we do play new music, we hold off on playing these new songs until after the media frenzy around it has died down. We aim to provide good music while also providing a sort of refuge from the constant social media overload. From radio stations to “in-business” music, podcasting to web design, we do a lot. But we think we’re very good at what we do. Find out for yourself! We have plenty of resources to listen to, try for yourself, and get a consultation on before making any sort of commitment with us. And best of all, we tailor our systems and services to match exactly your needs – no more, no less.

Our History

Thacker Broadcasting started as an idea in 2019. Aimed at taking on the radio broadcast industry, Thacker Broadcasting had a few hoops it had to jump through before anything else would come next. Now, Thacker Broadcasting is licensed as an LLC and aims at helping clients find broadcast solutions for their business or personal use.