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Thacker Broadcasting is dedicated to revolutionizing how your customers listen to music. Our scalable solutions allow the flexibility that you need while keeping that rigid schedule you want. Need licensing? We have that too.

Unlike the other guys just looking for business, we actually care and take a look at what changes are most effective for your business. By tailoring our solutions to your needs, we can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results.


Radio Stations

Our experience with online streaming is perfect for starting your own radio station!

Already have your own and not sure what else to do? Or maybe you want to go in a different direction? We’re here. No one wants an overplayed station.

Business / Property

Tired of that black box tucked away in the closet playing that same tracks on repeat? We get it. We have several solutions, and most don’t require an internet connection!

Ditch the black box, and turn to our custom broadcasting solutions!


Every event is different – unless you’re copying your New Year’s resolution. Let Thacker Broadcasting take care of the entertainment for your event, no matter the audience or size!

Our Projects

Z96 Mix

Z96 The Mix started out small, just as any business does. Z96 wanted to start a radio station, and a great way to begin is to start out inexpensive. Thus, the internet radio station was born. Starting out, Z96 didn’t … Continue reading Z96 Mix

See how Thacker Broadcasting can revolutionize your business. Contact us today!

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Thacker Broadcasting, LLC, is an LLC business licensed within the State of Utah. Thacker Broadcasting takes full responsibility for the information that it publishes and the businesses/services it provides, up to and including normal operation of its equipment/services. Anything considered to be outside of “normal operation” is solely at the discretion of Thacker Broadcasting.

Clients should not attempt to service/repair/tamper with equipment under any circumstances. Only trained technicians should service this equipment. Any other conditions are at the discretion of Thacker Broadcasting.

Business Entity ID – UTAH: 12260008-0160
Company Type: LLC – Domestic

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