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About us

We know the music industry is complex and constantly changing. With us, you don't have to worry about that. All you have to worry about is an internet connection and you're already halfway to having your own station. Customize it with custom ads or none at all, change genres or entire playlists on the fly, allow customer interactions, and so much more.

Fast Track Customer Entertainment

Your customers move quickly. So do we. Music is rotated, events are curated, experiences are created, now faster than ever before.

Consumer Businesses
faster than traditional playout systems
cheaper than competitors
Satisfied Listeners

What services do we provide?

We offer a targeted range of solutions that can be tailored to single locations or expanded across the globe. Small-business or large corporation, we have the capabilities and experience to create experiences your customers and employees will love.

Identical Servicings

No matter the size of your business, our servicings are identical across all of our plans.

Flexible and Customizable

We adapt to what you know works best, not what we *think* works best. Flexible enough to handle thousands of listeners at one time, customizable to the degree you feel comfortable.

Device Agnostic

Any device capable of an internet connection can listen in to our services, from a tiny Raspberry Pi to a full-fledge server, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your customers are able to listen and (if wanted) interact with your music offerings.

Main features of our services

There's a lot that goes in to our offerings. What are the ones that matter most to you?

Scheduled. 24/7.

Always be listening or only for thirty minutes once a week. You dictate the schedule.


Each client is unique, and so is the music you want. Remove overplayed songs from the latest trends, add in songs that take you back to your high school days. Whatever you can think of, our systems can adapt to make your music unique to you.


Modern hardware and software combined with experience provide an experience like never before. Using providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Digital Ocean allow us to provide rock-solid resiliency no matter the situation.

Music. Fast.

Flip your classy restaurant into a dance floor with a few clicks. Our systems adapt and respond to your demands.

Always Updated

We keep up with the music industry so you don't have to. New music is added every week so you are always up-to-date. Of course, your customizability is always honored. Plus, our hardware and software is kept up-to-date so your experience is always flawless.

Your Choice

You always have a choice when it comes to your music. Censored or uncensored? Perhaps a mix of both at certain times? Specific genres, artists, albums, or even songs? Everything is up to you. Or turn it over to us for a stress-free experience that you can adjust at anytime.

Flexible pricing plans

Supported Ads

Best option for small businesses. Uses our ad network.

$ 29
per month


Best for those that want no ads.

$ 39
per month

Controlled Ads

Best for large enterprises and corporations that want full control over ads.

$ 49
per month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the plans?

Our networks differ in the ad offerings for each network. We believe that customers should have the option to control what their customers are advertised. Of course, you are more than welcome to use our ad network if it's the more cost-effective measure for your business. The "Supported Ads" tier uses our ad network, where "Controlled Ads" allows for clients to customize ads to their liking, whether that be using our network with some tweaks, using their recorded own ads, or their own ad network.

Can I update from Supported Ads to Ad-Free or Controlled Ads?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade to any of our offerings at any time. Simply reach out to our support team to conduct this transition.

What discounts are available for bulk orders?

The "Controlled Ads" plan affords subscribers discounts upon their initial onboarding when they purchase 10 or more of our receivers along with a discount for yearly plans.

What kind of customer support can I expect?

All customers receive dedicated email and chat support with response times matching what is agreed upon during onboarding. Typically, those on the "Controlled Ads" plan will receive faster response times due to the complexities that can be exist in larger organizations.

Do you offer services for large-scale companies, or geographically-separated businesses?

Yes. "Controlled Ads" members will usually have these services, which includes consultation, planning, and assistance in the transfer process. Contact us for more information on these services.

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