Web Design

Yeah, our website isn’t the flashiest you’ve ever seen. But you’re here, so it’s clearly doing the job it needs.

While we don’t boast about creating the most gorgeous, jaw-dropping, or flashy websites, we do take pride in the simple ones that we do create. The websites that get the job done. The ones that don’t take forever to load. The ones that just work.

From online stores to personal websites, corporate to commercial, we’ll design a website that keeps those blazing fast speeds without needing to pay for an expensive Content Distribution Network (CDN). By utilizing the best-in-class CDNs at little to no cost, along with hosting our websites on super fast servers, we can guarantee your website will load in a snap on almost any connection. And we keep the costs as low as possible.

Check out the websites that we’ve helped design below.

Jeannie’s Quilt Shop

A small, quaint quilting shop. This particular store utilizes the BigCommerce platform to tie in to their payment system. Most online stores that tie in to a payment system are built on Shopify or WooCommerce, depending on the situation and use case.

Self Host Your Life

A small side project started by owner, Wesley Thacker. This site is hosted through a GitHub repository and is parsed via Jekyll.