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The Controversial Presidency — How the media took a senile man and made him President

Controversy is something we’re not new to. And neither is the Biden Administration. Last week, President Joe Biden announced that any business with 100 or more employees must get everyone vaccinated, or show negative COVID tests at least once a week, or face fines up to $14,000 per infraction.

The absurdity is outrageous, and the irony almost palpable. So how is Joe Biden able to do this without mass outrage? The answer is simple — he isn’t.

Biden claims that the US Department of Labor is drafting the emergency declaration that will be implemented through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. However, OSHA has expressed that they simply don’t have the authority to force American citizens to make a medical decision they don’t agree with — that’s not what OSHA’s job is. And while the Biden Administration keeps touting various levels of power that they simply do not have, laws are being passed on these matters without public opinion or approval. All in the name of “Public Health”.

COVID has become such a politicized topic that has divided the Republicans from the Democrats more than President Trump ever did. So much so that Biden’s approval rating has tanked to just above 40%, the lowest approval rating so far with the administration. And it’s steadily declining.

But wasn’t Biden the most popular presidential candidate? Isn’t that why he won the election? Surely he couldn’t get elected with that sort of approval rating! The answer is quite simple, and Democrats refuse to acknowledge them — the media, and the behind-the-scenes.

With election audits coming to a close in swing states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, it’s becoming more and more clear that something weird went on in those states during the election period. Democrats have declared time and time again that Trump was spouting unsupported claims about the election being stolen. And while they may have been far-fetched at best, the election no longer holds the legitimacy it once did.

The media has been largely blamed for influencing elections in the past. However, this last election showed just how much influence they can have. After criticizing every little thing Trump did, whether it was good or bad, Biden graced the political landscape again and he could do no wrong in their eyes. Trump was a threat to them and their integrity, stating what thousands of Americans have come to realize — you’re fake news.

By taking everything political, and twisting it to fit their political narrative, the mainstream media was able to paint Trump as a dictator, a racist, a xenophobe, among several other titles. Trump’s entire history was dug up, lives were ruined at the cost of the media painting Trump in a bad light. But they didn’t care, and they still don’t. After all, they were protecting their integrity.

However, once Biden appeared, he could do no wrong in their eyes. A sudden shift in the narrative captured people’s attention and captivated them. Several times it was declared that Trump was terrible, and Biden was a godsend. “Biden can fix the country,” they said. “Vote blue!”

Now, nine months into the presidential disaster, the media is running out of nice things to say about the sitting President. He won’t answer their questions. He, while inadvertently, killed several hundred Americans by botching the Afghanistan withdrawal, including thirteen service members. Then he proceeded to drone the wrong guy — an Afghan ally nonetheless — to bring a show of power back to his administration. And how did the media respond?

Blame Trump! He’s the one that started the withdrawal! It’s his fault! He killed those Americans!

While true that Trump started the withdrawal, Trump had nothing to do with the complete botch that only the Biden administration could facilitate. But there were flaws in that logic, and the majority of people saw through it: how could the Trump administration be to blame when they weren’t in office? How could you blame somebody for something that they haven’t had control over for almost eight months? Nobody could answer that, and the narrative was quickly dropped, never to be spoken of again.

After that disaster, the administration thought they could mend broken trust amongst the people. Biden needed to visit the families of those service members that had been killed; they had given the Ultimate Sacrifice. But several of these visits to families were turned down, citing that they didn’t want to meet the man who was responsible for the highly avoidable fiasco, the one responsible for them never being able to see their loved one again.

Those that did accept the visit stated that Biden only wanted to talk about his son Beau, and paid little to no regard for their loss. Another PR disaster.

And as a symbolic nail in the coffin, as the service member’s remains were brought back to American soil, Biden didn’t even have the dignity to pay them the respect they so deserved. Instead, he was more worried about what time it was, checking his watch after every transfer. His thoughts consisted exclusively of “When’s ice cream?”.

The media tried to run a cover of this, even doing a “fact check” stating that he hadn’t checked his watch every time, only three. However, that article was retracted several days later due to video evidence showing the opposite, and the outlet was forced to apologize.

The media’s love for Democrats has shown for several years, since at least the Obama presidency. And they’ve recently shown just how low they will stoop to get the candidates they want to be elected, and how much they are willing to lie to get you to believe their stories. After all, you’re just a peasant who gives them money and does whatever they say.

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