Our Work

At Thacker Broadcasting, we honestly don’t care what your podcast or radio station is about*. What we care about is making is as successful as possible to you while keeping it fun. Create whatever you want, and we’ll distribute it for you. A radio station for your business about current events from CNN? No problem, we’ll get that taken care of. Want to rant about your daily job on a podcast? Awesome! Record wherever you are, and we’ll edit and produce the show. Feel like creating an audio drama set in present-day Cuba? Fantastic. We’ll help you get the show written, recorded, produced, marketed, and distributed so it can be a success!

We believe in creative freedom, and help those create the best show they can. Don’t need/want creative help? We’ll step back and let you mold your show. When it’s time, we’ll market and distribute it on whatever platforms you choose!

We’ll also help you get whatever content you desire to broadcast (within the legal limits, of course) so that your business can profit even more!

Below are some of the stations and podcasts that we work with. Those marked with the tag “collaboration” signify that we have stepped back in the creative process.

* Thacker Broadcasting, LLC reserves the right to refuse services to anyone to include by not limited to:
– Violence
– Terrorism and/or violent extremists
– Child Sexual Exploitation
– Human Exploitation
– Abuse and Harassment
– Hate speech (definition may vary)
– Fraud and/or Deception
– Suicide or Self-Harm (outside of creative contexts)
– Other Illegal Activities (according to national law)
– Spam
– Copyright infringement
– Unlawful Redistribution