The up and coming podcast started as most podcasts do — some friends getting together and recording the adventures. PSSAfterHours is different than most, as they also video themselves during the podcast for a videocast and they do it on Facebook Live! Be sure you go join the fun. If you miss a live recording, don’t worry! They upload to their YouTube channel as well.

Thacker Broadcasting is proud to be named the distributor for their audio channels. Join the clan of LT, Rod, and Zeke every Wednesday for the new adventures they experience with the paranormal world! Want to share your own paranormal experience? Use the form below to send the team your spooky experience.

Caution Do Not Open

The mildly-popular podcast started out as a complete accident, and was not expected to become a podcast that could be found on the front page of Comedy categories during the summer and fall of 2020.

Created in the winter of 2018, the podcast didn’t gain traction until a new face was given in 2020. A new ensemble of members, in addition to a new editing style, helped contribute to the podcasts’ success during a time when humor was craved.

Episodes were recorded through Discord, and edited during the ensemble’s free time, the podcast began seeing some of its best traffic since its inception.

Episodes were initially released on a weekly schedule, but have since slipped back to a monthly schedule.

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Transcripts are also available! You can find those here.

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