Use of Services Disclaimer

Thacker Broadcasting (“Us“, “We“, “Our“) operates as a Limited Liability Company. This page serves as the layout for what we will and will not accept liability for. By utilizing our system and agreeing to use our services that utilize it, the Customer (“You“) acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer.

  • Thacker Broadcasting does not accept liability for use of the system outside of its designed purpose.
    • The system is built and designed to provide music on a programmed schedule, or 24/7, whichever the client decides. If the system is altered beyond these capabilities without approval from Thacker Broadcasting, we will not accept liability.
  • Any modifications made within the system are logged. You, as a manager, take responsibility for any actions that are taken on your account, including those that may be taken by a malicious party. Thacker Broadcasting will not take liability for any system malfunctions that are a result of changes made by your account.
    • Should you report your account as breached, we will immediately destroy the affected account. Any actions taken by the account between the last time you remember signing in (which is cross referenced with our system) and the deletion of the account will be undone. This may include genuine actions done by you.
      • We take preventative actions and will notify you of suspicious log-in actions (such as suddenly appearing across the country).
    • Should your account be detected as being breached, we will immediately lock down the account and notify you via email. If you confirm the account as compromised, we will follow the steps above. If you confirm the account as not compromised, we will unlock the account.
  • System restores are possible, but are not guaranteed. In the event that your system suffers a major issue, Thacker Broadcasting will assist in restoring the system to its last known good state. This will usually be a backup from the last 24 hours, but is not guaranteed.
    • In the event of a system breach or account compromise that results in system malfunction (see above), Thacker Broadcasting will terminate the affected account and restore the system to the last known good state. This may require resetting your instance as a last resort should a last known good state not exist.
  • Music provided by Thacker Broadcasting is covered by a license that covers your business address. Should your business relocate, Thacker Broadcasting must be notified so the address on file can accurately reflect your business.
    • In the event that your business relocates and DOES NOT provide an updated address to Thacker Broadcasting, any fines incurred by us will be passed on to you due to failure to keep us updated on your current address of operations. You may request an address update by emailing us at [email protected] with your business name, old address and new address.
    • Any fines that are incurred due to failure on our end will be absorbed by us.
  • When initially setting up your station, we will assume that you do not want explicit music. You may notify us before your station is completed that you want explicit music, and we’ll record this information. At any time, should a desire to change this be necessary, you MUST notify us via email. The email MUST come from the email address on file or the request will not be honored.
    • Should you choose to do a mix of explicit and not explicit music, we will carefully plan this to fit the schedule that you set. Should you change this at any time, you accept all responsibility for the change and any legal action that may come from it.