Update to Company Devices/Devices that access Company Data


This is to inform you of new company actions that are being taken devices that are owned by the company, as well as those that access company data (such as bring-your-own-device). Company devices will now be managed via Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Intune to help bring a cohesive platform to the way that IT can view and take action on devices. This does include devices that are servicing clients, though those will be mandated at a later date.

Bring-your-own-device devices will be affected by this change to a limited extent. Your device will remain yours and the data on it will remain unaffected. However, data that is access via the web or through an application such as OneDrive will be more locked down and may require you to sign in to your account or provide a verification code more than you are used to.

Those collaborating with clients will be forced to move to use Microsoft Teams as company data will no longer be able to be shared outside of OneDrive public links and Teams. If this may be an issue for you, please contact the IT team to discuss possible exemptions or a different way forward.

– Thacker Broadcasting IT department