Upon confirming a contract with you (or your business), Thacker Broadcasting LLC will submit for a music license on your behalf to fit your needs. Once we have received that license, we will save that in our business documentation and will send you a copy of it for your records. This will happen every year you have a contract with us. After receiving the license, two things will happen: First, we will load up a profile for you on our web-based music system and a profile in our ticketing system with the email you provided (you’ll receive an email with this happens as you’ll have to change the password for both). Once that profile is created, we’ll tailor the music to what you have told us and begin playing. Secondly, we will send a technician to your business to set up a custom-made device that will “listen” to the web-based stream coming from your profile. This device is preloaded with software that, when turned on, will automatically load your music stream and begin to play it. This happens every time the device is turned on so if something goes wrong, your best bet is to unplug that device and plug it back in, which the technician will show you how to do.

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