Domain Outage & Website Redesign


On April 13 at roughly 8:30 am CST, Thacker Broadcasting noticed that our email domain was being awfully quiet and began looking into the issue. Shortly thereafter, it was determined that we were experiencing an issue that had taken our entire domain off of the Internet. After some trial and error, it was determined that the issue stemmed from our domain renewal. Our domain was set to be renewed, but the account its renewal was attached to had been deleted when we had transitioned from utilizing Google Workspaces to Microsoft 365. Thacker Broadcasting reached out to Google for assistance and approximately 9am, and Google responded that the issue had been resolved by roughly 4pm CST. Thacker Broadcasting is in the process of implementing additional methods to help prevent an issue like this from occurring again in the future.

Website Redesign

Unrelated to the outage, Thacker Broadcasting is pleased to reveal our new website interface! The old interface was nice when it was first introduced, but gradually became more of a hassle.

  1. The website took longer to load than other similarly-designed sites on slower connection speeds
  2. The website felt either too cramped or too open when on mobile devices, especially on phones
  3. The website had a tendency to not load properly when viewed in social media browsers

Thus, Thacker Broadcasting has redesigned the entire website and restructured in several ways, such as:

  1. Several pages were redesigned or rewritten to be more concise
  2. Many pages contained duplicate or old information. All information has been streamlined to reflect the most recent business practices employed by Thacker Broadcasting
  3. All podcasting pages have been redirected to our podcast hosting site with each receiving a unique URL

These changes are part of an ongoing effort by Thacker Broadcasting to become clearer on what we as a company do and represent.

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