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Clear as Mud — the Biden Administration’s promise to be transparent

During the presidential race, then-candidate Joe Biden promised that his administration would be transparent on every matter. After all, We The People control the government and deserve to know what is going on. However, as with so many things involving the administration, that has shown to be a complete lie.

The most recent demonstration of withholding information involves the Haitian migrants at the southern U.S. border, of which an estimated 14,000 camped out underneath an overpass near Del Rio, Texas. The Biden Administration was determined to remove the Haitians from the terrible conditions of the area. So, they vowed to… release the majority of them in the U.S. without requiring them to obtain citizenship?

In addition, Biden criticized his own Border Patrol agents after images showing agents on horseback were misconstrued and believed to show that whips were being used. Several photographers who were there stated that the supposed “whips” were just the reins used to control the horses. But the Biden Administration pressed on with the false narrative, stating that they will “make them pay”.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time the Biden Administration has done something absurd and it certainly won’t be the last. More and more examples of this “clear as mud” transparency come from the White House. As more and more Americans either concede and receive the Covid vaccination or stand staunch with refusal, everyone is becoming warier of the advice and guidance offered by those we look to for leadership. Many question the logic of a “[war] between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated”. And more and more are questioning “If I’m vaccinated, why do I care if the other is?” The administration assures you that it’s because you can still transmit Covid and you can still fall ill to the virus despite being vaccinated.

The hypocrisy and criticism to questioning is being more and more scrutinized, which draws a new set of questions. But of course, we’re not able to ask those questions. “Follow the science” they so eagerly declare. Yet they ignore the science when it involves another heartbeat, another human being, can be terminated without its consent. “My body, my choice” they scream. Yet when you decline to receive the vaccination, it suddenly becomes “not a matter of freedom” and “you’re killing grandma”.

Asking questions is considered to be the worst thing you can do according to the Democratic party. The Biden administration expects that we’ll follow blindly. They forget a majority issue with that: the American people don’t follow blindly. Yet, they hold out hope.

Recently, a panel of CDC scientists reached a 16-2 consensus that Americans did not need any booster shots, at least for the foreseeable future. However, the director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, overruled the panel, allowing boosters to be administered to those considered to be “high-risk” and frontline workers, further muddying the waters on whose telling the truth.

Transparency has never been something the Biden’s have been good at, though. A recent report by the Congressional Research Service revealed that the sitting president owes up to $500K in back taxes. The report came out just days after Biden stated that everyone “needs to pay their fair share”. Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop also reveal a connection between them while in the White House in 2015 and China.

The Biden’s — and Democrats — will lie to make anything fit their narrative so they can get what they want. They’re worse than the playground bullies you dealt with in elementary school. In comparison, though, those bullies are significantly smarter.

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