Why Thacker Broadcasting?

So why should you choose this little startup over a company like Mood Media or ImageSound? Let’s go over a few things:

  • Our services are tailored to you directly, not what you might want to hear. Just because you inquire for our music services doesn’t mean we’re going to slam you to try and purchase our podcast hosting as well. We get it, small business to small business.
  • YOU run the show. We simply make the show happen. You get to choose the music schedule, type, genre, and there’s never any fees for changes you make.
  • We’re just a flexible as you are. We probably can’t do that backbend as good as you, but we’ll try our best!
  • Our costs are more bang for your buck. Our pricing lists everything included, nothing more, nothing less. Mix and match to your heart’s content!
  • Let your customers request their favorite tunes! Anything in your library, they can see and request at any time.
  • Customizability! Most other companies make their money off of licensing the hottest new songs. That’s why you hear the same new pop songs everywhere after it comes out. Include it in your rotation or completely axe it for the next six months. We just play the music you want.
  • It’s YOUR music. While your playlist may pull from our main database, if you don’t like something, just get rid of it. No one else is affected by it.