What We Do

So, what exactly does Thacker Broadcasting do? Thacker Broadcasting aims at providing a platform for creators to be able to broadcast their thoughts, voices, music, or whatever else their hearts desire. Thacker Broadcasting also provides these services to businesses for a monthly fee by providing a replacement to traditional music programming and providing a more dynamic, scalable solution that can fit the needs and size of any business in any location. Thacker Broadcasting grows and scales to the needs of its clients and is welcoming new clients all the time! You can get more info on joining our clientele by contacting us.

Our History

Thacker Broadcasting started as an idea in 2019. Aimed at taking on the radio broadcast industry, Thacker Broadcasting had a few hoops it had to jump through before anything else would come next. Now, Thacker Broadcasting is licensed as an LLC and aims at helping clients find broadcast solutions for their business or personal use.