Ramsses: It is me

Riley: Hewo Ramsses, uwu

Amber: (groaning)

Quincy: The pain is real

Ramsses: Okay, Amber, I’m sorry I hurt you

Amber: (laugh) No, it’s Ri– (anger)

Riley: Quincy and Ramsses react so aggressively to it. And that’s the funny part.

Quincy: Facts.

Ramsses I wonder why.

Riley: But you- You threatened my life when I uwu at you, so I’m gonna keep doing it.

Ramsses: Oh my goodness.

Jackson: (laughter)

Quincy: What do you mean it is aggressive reaction when I say that I’m going to… slam your head through a table.

Riley: (laughter) I don’t know, man

Quincy: Yeah, yeah, you! You are the most aggressive person out of me and Ramsses.

Amber: I will murder all of you!

Riley: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Amber…

Quincy: You said that to Grayson, you said that to Adam.


Riley: I bleached my hair earlier. And it’s kind of orange, and it’s kind of spotty in places, but I don’t hate it. It’s fun and funky fresh.

Adam: So you’re Donald Trump.

Riley: I will murder you in cold goddamn blood Adam and I won’t feel bad about it.

Adam: How? My blood is warm.

Riley: Not after you’re dead, it’s not.

Adam: If you microwave it, it is.

Riley: Okay, I’ll just drink it first.

Adam: You can’t, it’s cold. You have to warm it up in the microwave.

Riley: Blood is blood.

Adam: I wonder what happens when you put a baby in the microwave?

Riley: It dies?!

Adam: Nah, it’ll just warm up. It’ll just warm up!

Quincy: You wanna run by me… You want to run me again…

(end flashback)

ALL: (laughter)

Ramsses: Wow.

Quincy: So… you got anything to say against that, Riley?

Riley: I mean, no. But, you know, you threaten to like choke-slam me through tables. So like,

Quincy: Um, you know that meme, right, with Grayson and a lot of other people in Neumont server, right? That says, “Yeah, I’m a gamer”. Why did we not make a post of gamers?

Grayson: Oh my gosh, Quincy. You are a genius!

Ramsses: I thought that was already a thing

Adam: We’re more of a group, and now we’re gonna just put a name under it.

Wesley: Don’t judge us Adam.

Riley: I’m gonna shoot myself. God dammit.

Ramsses: So, umm

Riley: Unrelated

Grayson: Whoa, there buckaroo. Shooting yourself isn’t the way to go about it.

Adam: That’s illegal. And you can’t do that because it’s against the law.

Grayson: That’s murder.

Ramsses: I’m sorry. I’m sorry, guys.

Quincy: I just need a… an Uzi and I can do like that clip thing that that one person that with the bullet bullet, yup. 

Ramsses: Like, so like I’m sorry, but I’m like- I’ve been like searching through this for like about 10 minutes.

Riley: No one’s gonna question why I randomly shouted that. Thanks, guys.

Ramsses: You’re welcome. I’ve been- I’ve been like- I’ve been searching over this for like 10 minutes, and I’m sorry I’m just obsessed with the fact that a car manufacturer sells… that’s part number 1998-500-A

Joey: What are you talking about?

Wesley: He’s getting parts off the Volkswagens website, leave him alone.

Ramsses: Yes, yes, it’s Volks-

Wesley: Leave the man alone he has his needs. Leave him be.

Ramsses: I want to make this a cult.

So um, so I just- I just want to say right now that wikiHow is just basically that one place you go to for if you have nothing to do and just want- just really want to know and how to badly huff gasoline. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure a cult centered around Roblox Cheating is not going to bring anything good to the table.

Grayson: Exactly.

Ramsses: Goodness, am I really gonna pay 20 bucks just to-

Adam: No, you’re not. You’re going to look it up on the workshop and see if they had- someone else made an exact duplicate of it for zero money. 

Ramsses: Don’t tell me how to use my paycheck.

Adam: I will. Because you know what? I will be your mother.

Ramsses: You are not my mother.

Wesley: Mom, stop it.

Adam: I refuse.

Quincy: Oh my God, Mom. I just want to go hang out with my friends.

Wesley: I just want to hang out with my friends.

Adam: Don’t make me get the spatula again.

Wesley: Not the spatula, please, no.

Ramsses: See, that’s why you can’t be my mom. My mom wouldn’t warn me before she tried.

Wesley: She’d just come into your room with a chancla and just absolutely wreck you.

Ramsses: Yeah, exactly. She wouldn’t even give me a warning. But she will- She will knock on my door.

Wesley: And then burst it wide open and like “what did I hear about”

Ramsses: She will comically burst it wide open in a cartoon?

Quincy: What did I hear you say on the podcast?

Ramsses: Nothing mom

Quincy: (laughter)

Adam: Hey Ramses, I’m knocking on your door to respect your privacy but enforcing my laws as a parent.

Ramsses: I’m coming in anyway! (thud)

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